Green Support Ribbon Lapel Pin

In order to raise awareness for illnesses and conditions denoted by green color, a looped ribbon is often employed. This enamel lapel pin with golden trim is a great complementary accessory. With a subtle size that measures 0.625 inches by 1.125 inches and a friction back pin clasp, this pin is a low profile yet highly visible item that is sure to be a reassuring touch.

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A Lapel Pin that Makes an Impression

Green ribbons act as a representative for a significantly large number of causes, including but not limited to tissue/organ donation, liver cancer, gall bladder or bile duct cancer, along with chronic Lyme disease, depression, cerebral palsy, missing children, glaucoma, environmental concerns, and worker and driving safety.

An alternative to wearing a green ribbon is the Green Support Ribbon Lapel Pin, which serves the same purpose as a looped green ribbon, but in a more discreet and elegant way with its enamel construction and easy attachment.

For more support ribbon pins in different colors for different causes, browse through and choose the ones best suited for the cause you wish to support and raise awareness for. The green support Ribbon Lapel Pin is a perfect keepsake for ribbon cuttings held in the name of said causes.