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Hot Pink Ceremonial Hard Hat

Hot pink color hard hat made of high density polyethylene with replaceable soft brow pad, and adjustable pin lock suspension. OSHA certified.

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This hot pink color hard hat is sure to be an attention grabber!

Whether to combine with your company or brand logo, or simply celebrate a ceremony for, or about women, this colorful hot pink hard hat will be a winner when paired with hot pink groundbreaking shovels and dressed with a hot pink bow! Customize with your company name, logo, or a combination of both.

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The ideal hard hat is both ornamental and useful. With its high density royal blue polyethylene shell that is blank for customization, and the combination of an adjustable pinlock suspension and replaceable soft brow pads, this hard hat checks both boxes.

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A hard hat can be both regal and serviceable. This golden hard hat is exemplary of both; it comes with an adjustable pin lock suspension and replaceable washable brow pads but the shell, although sturdy enough to meet industrial safety standards, has a golden finish that speaks volumes of its ceremonial appeal. This hat, made of hard plastic and weighing 12.76 oz, comes with a slide-lock for targeted head sizes 6.5-8 and allows for a customizable fit.

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Our Ceremonial Groundbreaking Gold Shovel Matte finish Deluxe , measuring 42" in length with a 9 1/2 inch blade. It weighs a total of 3.4 lbs, making it easy to handle during the commemorative groundbreaking event.

Vinyl Decal customization for shovel head is only available in one solid color.

Please note that 2-3 Business days Processing Time for Gold Shovel Matte Finish.

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Groundbreaking Pink Color Steel shovel,shovel stem and grip made from American ash wood. Total height is 42" and the shovel blade is 9.5" wide. D-style handle is of black metal on wooden grip. Optional customization options direct print or decal on the handle grip, the wooden stem, shovel head, or all. Please note only single color logo for shovel head option.

Please note that 2-3 Business days Processing Time for Color Shovels.

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