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Maroon Ceremonial Scissor Handles

The perfect way to add an original splash of color to your event, these handles are an indispensable accessory to have handy at your ribbon cutting. The handles are compatible with our 25 inch ribbon cutting scissors promoting ease in swapping. Scissor blades, screws and bolts are not included with your purchase as they are included with the main pair of scissors.

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Scissor Handles to Mix and Match

Ribbon cutting events have become an increasingly crucial element of grand opening ceremonies and groundbreaking ceremonies. With the image-building opportunities these events present, making the events a visually appealing affair is of top priority.

Accessories such as ribbons and ribbon cutting scissors enable you to do so, and with the myriad color options presented, you are almost spoilt for choice. The Maroon Ceremonial Scissors Handles are an accessory made with that purpose.

The handle is made of durable PVC and comes in an original maroon color. The handle is designed to fit all of our 25 inch ribbon cutting scissors, so it can be combined with the right scissors and any ribbon and open up a world of color combinations.

More color options for the ribbon cutting scissor handle can be found on