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Add a personalized touch to your ribbon cutting ceremony with custom ceremonial scissors. Aside from selecting the color that best fits your brand--from Maroon, Red, Black, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Teal, Pink, Green, or Orange--you can add your own logo, company name and a personalized message to commemorate the event. Size length options include 25 or 30 inches.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.


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Besides lustrous, clean-cut, golden blades and vibrantly colored handles in Red, Royal Blue or Black, these custom ceremonial scissors allow for unique personalization that opens the doors to promotional opportunities during and after your ribbon cutting ceremony. With a 30 inch length, the blades provide plenty of room to include a custom logo and/or custom text. Inscribe a company name, slogan, special message or details to commemorate your event. Regardless of what you choose, customization will turn your giant golden scissors into a relic.

Please allow 2-4 business days for processing.


Other Available Items:

 Ceremonial Ribbon    Grand Opening Kits    Display Cases    Accessories and Decor  

The deluxe standard size scissors are a great alternative to our jumbo size options; with their stainless steel golden colored handles, they ensure that you do not lose the ornamental factor. The stainless steel blades and a traditional grip makes sure ribbon-cutting remains a breeze. Full blade length is 5 inches, full scissor length is 11 inches.


Other Available Items:

 Ceremonial Ribbon    Grand Opening Kits    Display Cases    Accessories and Decor  

If custom ceremonial scissors with a logo and text are not enough personalization, the Full Custom Two-Tone Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting Scissors allow you to further customize by letting you choose a handle color combination. Coordinate the colors of the handles and the ornate custom logo and/or text on the blades to represent your brand to the fullest. The scissors are available in sizes of 25 or 30 inches. Currently, the available handle color combinations are Red/Royal Blue, Red/Black, Black/Royal Blue, or Light Blue/Royal Blue (only available in 25”).

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.


Other Available Items:

 Ceremonial Ribbon    Grand Opening Kits    Display Cases    Accessories and Decor  

Personalized Scissors with Logos and Text

Custom ribbon cutting scissors add an important layer of exclusivity to a ribbon cutting. Printing or engraving logos and text onto ribbon cutting scissors creates a marketing opportunity during your ceremony as pictures of the cutting will capture your brand in the midst of a triumphant moment. Grand openings and groundbreakings present the perfect opportunity to hold ribbon cuttings with personalized scissors because the launch of a new project can benefit greatly from any promotional practice that helps to establish a brand. There is something about print that promotes credibility, more so than verbal communication. Seeing the name of a company, its logo or slogan printed or engraved on the shiny metallic surface of a pair of giant scissors solidifies the public’s perception of the company as a trusted brand.

The Evolution of Ceremonial Scissors

Ribbon cutting ceremonies are a time-old tradition in business that has evolved from a simple demonstration using basic scissors and ribbon to a high profile event employing giant decorated scissors to cut an extra wide ribbon. Being the main tool used in the ceremony, the scissors are always at the center of attention—along with the ribbon. Out of this inevitable visibility grew the idea of customizing the scissors’ appearance with different shaped blades and handles in various colors and metal materials. Eventually, that customization expanded to include larger sizes and unique personalization like the logos, names and messages that are seen today; pretty much anything that maximizes the opportunity of having all eyes on the scissors. Not only are custom scissors used to perform the ribbon cutting but they are also used as a marketing opportunity that lasts long past the event.

Through pictures and video, custom personalized scissors have the opportunity of being seen at any point in time, especially thanks to digital media and social networks on the internet. However, there is another way that custom scissors make an impact beyond the event date and that is through displayed preservation. Ribbon cutting scissors are ideal keepsakes that may be displayed in special shadow box cases or mounted on ceremonial award plaques. The point of preserving them is to commemorate the important day of the project kick-off or business launch. Key figures in the ceremony usually have a personal interest because a ribbon cutting for a grand opening or groundbreaking can bring a sense of pride. The customized scissors are a trophy of personal achievement for the top individuals involved and they are showcased as such. Scissors in these cases or plaques can be hung in conspicuous spots at the place of business for everyone to see. The personalization helps remind the public of the solid foundation of the company from the very beginning since ceremonial events are usually held by serious businesses that care about their reputation.

Effective Customization

As mentioned earlier, customization as simple as adding a logo, company name and/or slogan to a pair of shiny giant scissors can go a long way as a PR/marketing tool. Those are the basic suggestions when it comes to personalization, but there are many possibilities that have the same or even greater results, depending on your intention for personalizing. The blank blades of the scissors can serve as a canvas to customize any message (as long as it fits the printable/engravable area). It could be a company motto, a special dedication or the dated information about the event itself. In our catalog, we even have pre-printed scissors with text that may be paired up with a logo to complete an ‘express’ customization.

Custom ribbon cutting scissors truly allow you to add a unique mark to your ribbon cutting ceremony. Personalization is the key to a memorable event; is the best place on the internet to create those memories with custom scissors that promote your brand and help establish trust. Contact us directly for any questions regarding our customizable ceremonial scissors.