White and Red Grand Opening Banner

This banner is a must have for grand opening ceremonies, with convenient double sewn hems and ample 8 foot width X 3 foot height, held together by a 5 feet rope attached to the corner grommets. The banner features 'Grand Opening' written on it in a large red font over a bright white background.

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A Banner to Put the Grand in Grand Opening!

A grand opening ceremony is, as the name would suggest, a grand affair. It is a culmination of your effort invested behind a project, and along with that, it is an opportunity for you to introduce your business to the world.

As such, you need to make the right first impression. A step in that direction is getting your ceremony's visual appeal in order.

The Plain White and Red Grand Opening Banner is an excellent decoration, as its considerable size makes it highly visible while its contrasting print makes it hard to miss.

CeremonialSupplies.com proudly houses visually appealing grand opening ceremony banners, flags and decorations. Please browse through the Grand Opening category to choose the ones best suited for your event.

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