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X-large 3 Foot Red Grand Opening Balloons

A balloon whose form matches the grandness of your celebration. These giant red balloons inflate up to 3 feet, thus making them an attractive addition to your grand opening’s décor. They are available in red with white font. Price per each individual piece.

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Grand Balloons

Balloons are a staple in every festivity, every celebration, and every commemoration. No matter how grand or how small, balloons are appreciated as a tribute, or recognition to a person, or group of persons. They are also one of the main attributes to a beautifully decorated space.

For grand openings, our X-Large red balloons are the perfect ornament. Their red pigment is bright and bold, making the white lettering stand out for everyone to easily read. These giant balloons are sold individually so that you can customized your event's look. They inflate up to 3 feet in diameter, a great deal larger than the standard size. The largeness of these red balloons matches up to the momentousness of your grand opening ceremony. Get them to complement our standard size 11” grand opening balloons with matching print design.

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For those moments at your grand opening or groundbreaking which call for a dash of color, you will need these balloons. 11 inch size and bright colors will leave a mark on your guests. The package delivered to you will include a set of 10 balloons in a variety of distinctive colors such as red, blue, orange, and green.


Measuring a perfect 18 X 18 inches, this squared grand opening balloon is as unique as a balloon can get. This huge balloon comes with the words 'Grand Opening' printed across it, thus making it an ideal prop for grand opening ceremonies and ribbon cuttings. The balloon comes in an eye catching blue color that accentuates its square design.


A simple kit to help you get started on your ribbon cutting ceremony, this kit includes an 8 inch pull bow (for easy assembly) available in more than 20 colors, 25 yards of ribbon in either 4 or 6 inch width in more than 21 colors, and stainless steel ribbon cutting scissors (available in 25 or 30 inches) in red, maroon, blue, or black handles with your choice of silver or gold finished blades.


Red Printed Grand Opening Ribbon is perfect for a classic ribbon cutting. The ribbon measures 4 inches in width (with a 6 inch option available as well), while the length can be 12 yards or 25 yards, depending on your needs.

Other Available Colors: 

Royal Blue  Orange  Green


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This banner is a must have for grand opening ceremonies, with convenient double sewn hems and ample 8 foot width X 3 foot height, held together by a 5 feet rope attached to the corner grommets. The banner features 'Grand Opening' written on it in a large red font over a bright white background.