Single Groundbreaking Hard Hat Wall Mount Glass Display

A glass box with inside dimensions of 14 X 12 X 11 inches, this ceremonial hard hat display case features a mirrored bottom and back with UV protected glass. As an option, you can direct print your company logo and text printing on the bottom of display at its front. The box is available in 3 color moldings: cherry, walnut, and black.

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A Glass Box That Turns Hard Hats into Instant Mementos!

The promising nature of groundbreaking ceremonies simply cannot be disputed, and neither can the attendees' and the organizers' desire to preserve an iota of the aura of festivity that surrounds these ceremonies.

The tool most suited for a job is an event appropriate memento, and with the Single Groundbreaking Hard Hat Wall Mount Glass Display you can turn your hard hats into just that.

Featuring a high quality construction with an aesthetic eye thanks to the mirroring, this case houses a ceremonial hard hat and can be mounted for proudly displaying the hard hat as a memory token, with the engraved text informing of its time of conception while the UV protected glass remains hard at work at keeping the contents brand new.

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