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Stainless Steel Long Handle Groundbreaking Shovel

The Stainless Steel Long Handle Groundbreaking Shovel is our alternative to the D-Y and D-Grip. With a 12X9 inch head and a 58 inch long ash wood handle, this shovel stands tall to commemorate the beginning of your new construction project. Due to long packing size Minimum Order Quantity is 2.

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The Best Shovel to Break Ground

A favorite style to break ground at construction sites, the Stainless Steel Long Handle Groundbreaking Shovel is one of our most requested alternatives to the more widely used D and D-Y handle spades. The long handle ceremonial shovel allows users to have better control while not having to bend their backs to dig. The long-handle groundbreaking shovel is often preferred by field experts with experience using such shovels to break ground on actual job sites.

Classic long handle shovels are often seen covered in dirt and scuffed from their use at extreme construction sites. It is a refreshing to see this Stainless Steel Long Handle Groundbreaking Shovel taken out of it usual element and dressed in a finely polished head that shines like silver and a delicately finished ash wood handle. It brings the best of both worlds together, taking a sample of one of the most popular shovels used by construction professionals and making it a centerpiece for a prestigious groundbreaking ceremony.

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Our VIP Ceremonial Groundbreaking Mirror Gold Shovel is the perfect token of recognition for your ceremony's most honorable participants. Impress them with this gold shovel, measuring 42" in length with a 9 1/2 inch blade. It weighs a total of 3.4 lbs, making it easy to handle during the commemorative groundbreaking event.

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