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Teal Ceremonial Groundbreaking Shovel

Ceremonial groundbreaking shovel in the color Teal is 42" high with a 9.5" wide steel shovel blade (head) and black metal D-Handle that has a wooden grip. The stem and grip are of American ash wood. Optional customization available on handle grip, wooden stem, shovel blade, or all.

Please note that 2-3 Business days Processing Time for Color Shovels.

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Red   royal blue   yellow   orange   pink   green


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Steel Shovels    Chrome Shovels    Gold Shovels    Long Handle Shovels    Colorful Shovels  

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Teal Groundbreaking Shovel To Represent Wisdom And Creativity

Teal is the fresh color associated with calming, wholeness, and creative energy. It is a color said to inspire good luck, joy, and spiritual grounding. Ideal for matching a brand or company letters or logo color with this colorful groundbreaking ceremonial shovel. This ceremonial shovel has a Teal or Turquoise color blade that is constructed from sturdy steel metal and can be customized (single color only), white and silver logos or text stand out beautifully on the teal shovel blade. Other personalized options available include the handle grip where text and/or logo can be printed directly or have a decal placed on the wooden grip, and on the wooden stem, where you have the additional option of color matching an engraved orange screen plate personalized with up to 3 lines of text, or a logo. There is also the option of a personalized plate in silver, or any other color available

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Made from heavy duty metal, this stand is a must for anyone looking to accommodate their ceremonial shovels. With an adjustable height ranging from 27 inches to 30 inches, and a neck guard to lock the shovel in an upright position, the stand ensures your shovel remains front and center.


High-quality 42 inch (total length) chromed stainless steel shovel with white mohagony wooden D-Y handle. Polished finish gives it an appreciable shine that makes it fit for the grandeur of a groundbreaking ceremony. A 12 X 9.5 in head and a fully enclosed stem socket makes for a sturdy digging tool that does more than just look good!

Please note that 2-3 Business Days Production Time after Proof Approval for Customized Shovels.

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Made of high density polyethyelene, this bright white hard hat is a must-have for your groundbreaking ceremony. Intended to be both symbolic and useful, the adjustable pinlock suspension and replaceable brow pads ensure quality so that it can double up as a fully functional hard hat and a ceremonial groundbreaking accessory as the blank shell allows customizability.

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Red Yellow Orange Blue Light-Blue Green Black Gold Silver


Orange Ceremonial Groundbreaking Shovel is 42" high with a 9.5" wide steel shovel blade (head). Handle is black metal, D-style with American ash wood grip and stem. Customization is optional for handle grip, wooden stem, or shovel blade.

Please note that 2-3 Business days Processing Time for Color Shovels.

Other Available Colors:

Red   green   Royal blue   yellow   teal   teal

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With options of 8 inches or 14 inches, On the Go Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting Pull Bows are easy-to-use decorative bows for ribbon cuttings, grand openings, groundbreakings and any other ceremonial event that calls for festive decor. The extremely convenient ingenuity of these bows is what makes them a must-have. The bow comes unassembled in a flat package. The magic happens when you withdraw the flat bow from the package and pull on a string that brings a fluffed up bow together in a matter of seconds. A perfectly shaped bow with minimal effort.

Available options:
8” Pull Bow comes in gold, silver, royal blue, white, green, orange, red, black, turquoise, fuchsia, burgundy, lavender, lime green, brown, navy, light blue, yellow, and purple.
14” Pull Bow comes in Iridescent White and Metallic Red