Blue Ribbon Support Lapel Pin

Featuring a golden trim on a blue enamel pin, this small Blue Ribbon Support Lapel Pin measures 0.625 inches by 1.125 inches. It is an excellent accessory to show your support for a cause or to raise awareness about a certain disease or a condition. The pin comes with a friction back pin clasp for easy attachment.

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A Blue Ribbon Pin for a Compelling Cause

The color blue shares the honor of being the most widely used color for support ribbons along with the color green.

A blue looped ribbon is traditionally associated with child abuse prevention, arthritis, Prostate Cancer Awareness, Huntington's disease, PKU, hydrocephalus, victim's rights, domestic violence, free speech, water quality/safety and solidarity with law enforcement.

If you choose to demonstrate your support for or raise awareness for one of the causes mentioned above, an excellent way to do it is with the Blue Ribbon Support Lapel Pin. These pins make great keepsakes to pass out at ceremonial events associated with the mentioned causes.

The ribbon pin fulfills the purpose of a traditional ribbon in a more discreet fashion with a more impressive enamel finish.

For more ribbon pins that support and raise awareness for various other causes, please see the lapel pin section of