Commemorative Key to the City Display Case

Cherry wood polished wood frame and encasing with glass top featuring two golden hinges and magnetic closure. Interior dimensions of the case are 7.2" W x 10.1" L, and exterior dimensions are 9" W x 11" L x 2" H. Base price only includes case, choice of red or black felt interior, and exterior custom plaque. Options to add our customizable key to the city (SKU# CK0002), a customizable interior full color print plaque and/or a 2" medallion with printed insert.

Custom items take 2-5 business days for production after proof approvals. Proofs are sent 1-2 business days after artwork and order number are received.

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 The Highest Honor

Presenting someone with a "Key" to the city refers to the times when cities were literally locked up for the evening for protection against surprise attacks in the middle of the night. It was an honor reserved for Kings, Queens, Dukes, Lords, Knights, and the like. Today a key to the city award carries the same honor and significance but we don't lock up our cities anymore. At least not like it was done when cities had walls. This distinguished presentation features a golden skeleton-style key (not included), with a classic circle at the center, surrounded by four (4) semi-circles that represent the circular form of nature and the four cardinal directions. Also available to add is a golden plaque that can hold up to 5 lines of commemorative text, logo, or a special message. Also includes an option to add a 2" medallion insert which can be chosen by itself or added alongside the custom plaque. Included in all cases: customization on the spine of the display case opens more placement and storage possibilities as necessary. The polished dark wood top frame and casing of the display is of chosen quality wood material making the key to the city and the inside plaque stand out brightly against either your choice of velvet red felt or velvet black felt background cloth. The historical significance of receiving a Key to the City is an honor that demands a presentation of equal magnitude. When you want to make someone feel special, a Key to the City is the way to go, especially significant when honoring veterans, city officials, and those who contribute to the betterment of society.

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A valuable token to give to highly honorable individuals, this Key to the City measures 8 inches long and it is made of brass with a golden finish. Optional color printed seal of the city or corporate logo 1" insert on the bow of the key available.

Custom items take 2-3 business days after digital proof is approved.
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