Ceremonial Key to the City Lapel Pin

This ceremonial key lapel pin features a military clutch style pin back. This pin comes in two color options: Gold or Silver and measures 3/8 x 1 3/8 inches.

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The Keys to a Great Keepsake

Ceremonial keys are special awards given to recognize a person’s value to a specific city. A Ceremonial key lapel pin is an excellent gift to commemorate the event. The idea behind issuing an individual a “key to the city” has its origin in the importance we place on keys of any sort. Keys come in all sizes and are used numerously and variously. It is the tool to start engines, a device for unlocking doorways, and an instrument for movement. Our ceremonial “key to the city” pin is a representation of many things. Because of their purpose and notability, we hang on to them securely; no matter if it is a house key or a ceremonial key to the city kept as a keepsake.

Awarding a ceremonial key, the event not only symbolizes the value of the recipient, but it also symbolizes the relationship between the city and its citizens. No matter how tiny, these key pins will present a grand and lasting impression to the recipient of the award as well as the spectators.

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A valuable token to give to highly honorable individuals, this Key to the City measures 8 inches long and it is made of brass with a golden finish. Optional color printed seal of the city or corporate logo 1" insert on the bow of the key available.

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