11 inch Balloons Assorted Colors

The right item to add a splash of color to your event, these balloons, which can be inflated up to 11 inches, will be just what you need. The set provided to you will include 20 latex balloons available in attractive colors such as red, blue, orange, yellow, and pink.

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Lively Balloons to Make for a Lively Ceremony

The importance of color at festivities can never be stated enough.
Colors can liven up any ceremony of any type, and the most convenient, yet effective way to do so is by employing a quality set of balloons.
The Plain 11 Inch Balloons Assorted Colors has been manufactured with the thought firmly in mind, with its grand size promoting high visibility, while the bright colors dispense an aura of conviviality.

Owing to the plain design of the balloons, they can be used for multiple ceremonies and aren’t limited to theme.
Investing in a decent set of balloons always goes a long way, as no item can come into action and do what’s required of it at the rate a balloon does.
Pair them up with any of our printed balloons to create a fuller effect.
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