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Deluxe Purple Event Carpet Runner

Made of 100% filament nylon for that specific soft plush texture, this is a high-quality ceremonial carpet that can be sold in widths of 3 to 4 feet, and lengths of 10 to 50 feet with everything in between. If you require larger or more individually tailored dimensions, email us at or call at 1-877- 373-4273.
Please allow 2 business days for processing.

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Red Deep Blue Black Green Pink

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A Purple Carpet for a Grand Event

The presence of a high-quality lush carpet or a runner is for all intents and purposes mandatory at a lavish, high profile event, for it adds that feeling of class and luxury that is so essential to an event of that nature. The Deluxe Purple Event Carpet Runner is just what your event needs, for that aforementioned feeling to permeate throughout your event. The runner features a filament nylon construction that is renowned for its soft plush texture, and combined with the attractive purple color, the carpet is simultaneously an eye-catcher and a perfect match to your existing décor. The cherry on the cake is the ability to get it customized in terms of dimensions per your requirements at request. For more such carpets, sift through’s collection, and select the one best suited for your event.

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A classic red carpet for meaningful events. Contains 100% filament nylon for a soft plush texture. This deluxe quality ceremonial carpet is available in widths of 3-6 feet and lengths of 10-50 feet, and everything in between.
Please allow 2 Business days for processing

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Deep Blue Black Green Purple Pink


This set includes a pair of four piece white plastic stanchions made of high density polyethylene, with the pieces being a round base 14 inches in diameter, a post measuring 40 inches and being 2.5 inches in diameter, C-hooks to attach the chains to and a ball top. Also included is 16 feet of plastic chains, with the design promoting easy attachability. The stanchion alone weighs approximately 2.6 lbs, and can be filled with water or sand to increase the weight.


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This bold, rich pink carpet is manufactured with 100% filament nylon that adds to its unique plush texture. This carpet is available in measurements of 3 to 4 feet, and lengths of 10 to 5- feet.
Please allow 2 Business days for processing.

Other Available Colors—Click To View:

Red Deep Blue Black Green Purple 

The Black Flat Top Stanchion is made from sturdy airplane grade steel, with a matte black finish. The flat top has a disk with four openings that enable a 4-way line configuration. The black flat top stanchion measures 39 inches in Height, 12.5 inches in Base Diameter and weighs 15 Lbs. It is built with a sturdy base to keep it firmly upright. Easy 2-part screw-in assembly. Please note that this is a single product and more quantities can be ordered as needed.


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The Luxury Stanchion Queue Pole is made from Stainless Steel with Chrome finish and features an Urn shaped top and a four-way adapter disk to create any line configuration desired using stanchion ropes. Each queue pole measures 39 inches in Height and 12.5 inches in base diameter. The base is solid and sturdy, weighing 17.5 Lbs to ensure the post remains steady and upright. Easy two-part screw-in assembly required. Sold singly (1) one.
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