Standard Purple Event Carpet Runner

The standard ceremonial purple carpet comes in widths 3’ and 4' with lengths of 10’, 15’, and 20’. Border trim and non-slip quality.

Need bigger sizes?  Check out our Deluxe Purple Carpet, you can get it in dimensions of 3,4, or 6 feet width and lengths up to 50 feet!

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Standard Ceremonial Purple Carpet

Make your event glow with a smooth, ceremonial carpet runner in the vibrant purple color. The unique properties of the color purple make it one of the most symbolic shades with which to adorn our lives. Whether for a graduation ceremony, a wedding, or a corporate grand opening event, a purple carpet runner at the entrance, especially when contrasted with matching details, offers a luxurious invitation into a fantasy world of beauty, richness, and nobility. This purple ceremonial carpet is easy to roll out and position. The carpet stays in place and doesn’t slip, so your guests can confidently step on it and enjoy walking into your event, surrendering to the delightful treat they’re about to receive. Yes, because the entrance is meant to dazzle, but it is also a teaser, of a promise of more. Dazzle your guests with the standard purple carpet and relish the fantasy! Available in three convenient lengths of 10, 15, or 20 feet, by 3’ or 4' widths, the ceremonial purple carpet offers a generic size that fits standard aisle sizes, with a the uniquely distinct color purple.


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Deep Blue Green  Red Deep Blue Green Purple Pink