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This bright kelly-green standard carpet runner is a beautiful accent to any corporate event function. The Standard Green Event Carpet Runner is available in widths 3 and 4 feet, with lengths of 10, 15, and 20 feet.

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Red Carpet for a Star Studded Ceremony

You do not have to be a Hollywood celeb to walk a ceremonial red carpet. Originally designed to honor high status members of government, the red carpet concept has become more common throughout society but it is still intended to highlight the path to be walked by a select few key figures at ceremonial gatherings. That’s how celebrities got their feet on the red carpet, but grand openings and groundbreakings have created a reason for important members of an organization to walk the red carpet as well.

Today, ceremonial red carpet is a popular part of the grand opening and groundbreaking industry. These ceremonies are performed on a stage and the persons involved in the actual ribbon cutting are usually high level executives—owners, CEOs and founders—who deserve to be in the limelight walking the ceremonial carpet. While an event rug is not required at ribbon cuttings, it is a great enhancement to the decor of a grand opening stage. After all, it is (ideally) an event with an audience that includes members of the media and important people in your industry; a red carpet is only right for the major players in the ceremony.’s ceremonial red carpets will help you showcase your company’s status; it is elegant and adds a touch of class to any event.

It is about more than glitz and glamour; ceremonial red carpet symbolizes power and exclusiveness. You want your organization's top ranking members to stand out of the masses. A red carpet event is perfect for that exactly. It pretty much highlights the most influential participants in the ceremony to the spectator and when used as decor at ribbon cutting, it also helps to create visual frame for the main stage when supplemented with other accessories commonly used. Red carpets will have the same effect at groundbreakings. And though (as prior mentioned) it not all about glitz and glamour, these qualities are inevitable when you use ceremonial red carpets.

Ceremonial Carpets Are Not Always Red

Ceremonial carpets have been historically red dating back to ancient times.  However, for the purposes of modern businesses and brands, ceremonial carpet comes in colors like royal blue, purple, green, black, white and even hot pink!  Pretty much any color that is available in ribbin.  These are great alternatives to the traditional red carpet since they allow you to incorporate your brand's colors into any ceremonial event with the same effect as a red runner.

Carpet Alone Won't Do

If you make use of an event rug at your grand opening, it is important to get the “full suite”; that means the giant scissors, the wide ribbon, beautiful giant bows, a grand opening banner (to hang across the top, parallel to the carpet on the ground), and printed grand opening balloons. A ceremonial carpet is too valuable to use at a grand opening without companion. You could have an event without a carpet runner and you will be just fine taking your pick of accessories at random, but when you do choose to use it, full decor is a must. features ceremonial carpets in red and other elegant colors for regal events as well as all the accompanying accessories for a stellar grand opening celebration. Our entire grand opening category is filled with items that combine perfectly for a complete decor package. Although we specialize in products for business ceremonies, our quality event rugs may be used for any event beyond ribbon cuttings. Contact us by phone or e-mail (contact info below) for more information on our ceremonial red carpets and other products to make for a memorable event.