Stanchion Rope

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This product features the Braided Rope with mirror polished hook ends. It measures 6.5 feet in length and 1.7 inches thick. Rope is available in colors Black, Royal Blue, and Red.
This product features a Braided Rope with Chrome hook ends. Rope is available in colors Black, Royal Blue, and Red in 6 FT or 5 FT.

A great alternative to velour ropes that is just as elegant with a decorative twist. This Vibrantly colored braided stanchion has golden hook ends that pairs perfectly with golden/brass colored stanchions. You can get the rope in Black, Royal Blue, and Red in 6 FT or 5 FT.

This Velvet Stanchion Rope features mirror polished black metal hook ends. It measures 6.5 feet in length and is 1.7 inches thick. These velvet ropes are available in colors Black, Royal Blue, and Red. Perfect to use with our Black Stanchion Posts.

Stanchion Ropes—Decorative and Functional

Stanchion rope can be the most decorative element in your crowd control setup.  While procuring the correct stanchion in accordance with your event is a major coup in itself, stanchion rope is what ultimately defines a look. So procuring the right type of stanchion rope is just as important as the stanchions.
The sheer varieties of stanchion cords available in a range of materials, from velvet to leather, can prove to be a challenge when it comes to aesthetic preference. aims to make the process of selecting a stanchion rope as easy as possible by offering you only the best combination of quality, affordability, and style.

Sifting Through Our Variety of Stanchion Ropes

The choice of stanchion ropes upon purchase of a classic stanchion comes ultimately down to 4 kinds: velvet ropes, velour ropes, leather ropes and braided stanchion ropes.

Regardless of the kind of stanchion rope you opt for, you can be assured the rope will be durable and long-lasting enough to fulfill its primary duty--efficient crowd control.
That makes the choice of stanchion ropes more of an aesthetic one as they go a long way toward setting the aesthetic narrative of your event.

At a high profile event with a formal disposition, it is a natural assumption that the focus on décor will be a priority, and in that case, you’d be best off with a luxurious stanchion rope in velvet stanchion rope or velour, in a traditional colors such as royal blue, red or black, depending on the color scheme of your event.

In case of events that are high profile and exclusive, but in a somewhat less formal way, leather stanchion ropes make an excellent choice. They look and feel incredibly premium, while also making for an interesting design choice that ensures efficient crowd management in a visually interesting way.

If you want to opt for stanchion ropes that offer a unique design but in a more quiet way than either velvet stanchion ropes or leather stanchion ropes, you can always opt for braided stanchion ropes.
The aforementioned features make braided stanchion ropes a particular favorite during formal events.

Whichever stanchion rope you opt for, you can have it in sizes ranging from 6 feet to 13 feet to ensure your crowd management needs are well covered.
And keeping in mind your convenience, all stanchion ropes come with their hooks and ends in metallic finishes (chiefly chrome and brass) so that you can easily match them to the finish of your classic stanchions.

Sealing the Stanchion Rope Deal

Picking the right stanchion ropes can become a pleasant experience at  We offer only quality products at budget-friendly prices for all types of businesses, big and small.  We offer a simpler way to select the right stanchion rope in accordance with your classic stanchions.